Morris County Master Plan – Circulation Element

Circulation Element draft coverDraft Morris County Master Plan Circulation Element – Thank You For Your Comments

The deadline for comments has ended. The Morris County Planning Board thanks the public, municipalities, and other interested parties who reviewed and submitted comments on the draft Circulation Element. Your comments are being reviewed and considered as we advance the Element towards adoption. Responses to these comments will be posted on this webpage when this review is complete.

Element Overview

The Circulation Element of the Morris County Master Plan will serve as a guiding document for transportation planning and investment in Morris County for the next 25 years.

Since the adoption of the last Circulation Element in 1992 by the Morris County Planning Board, major transportation, land use, demographic, and regulatory changes have occurred, accompanied by shifting traffic patterns, increased traffic volumes, and demand for transportation services. Over the years, the County has continued to analyze transportation matters and has developed subsequent plans and studies to address emerging issues and advance solutions.

The new Circulation Element encapsulates this work, provides a comprehensive review of current conditions and transportation trends, and presents strategies to address current and future transportation needs.

The Element promotes the County’s vision of a well-maintained transportation system that accommodates all users, advances overall mobility, and supports the efficient movement of people and goods that is necessary to maintain and enhance local and regional economic growth and quality of life.