• County Agriculture Development Board
    • This board was formed to oversee the farmland preservation program. The program enables the County to offer farm owners the opportunity to preserve their farms, while continuing to own and maintain them.
  • Construction Board of Appeals
    • The Morris County Construction Board of Appeals was established in 1977 by the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders and serves as a quasi-judicial body to hear appeals filed by owners of properties in Morris County from decisions, actions or inaction made by a municipal official.
  • Historic Preservation Trust Fund Review Board
    • The HPTFRB was formed to review, prioritize and make recommendations to the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders on the funding of historic preservation projects under the Historic Preservation Trust Fund.
  • Planning Board
    • Adopt a master plan showing the county planning board’s recommendations for the development of the county.
    • Advise the board of chosen freeholders in adopting and establishing an official county map, showing the highways, roadways, parks, parkways, and sites for public buildings or works, under county jurisdiction, or in the acquisition, financing or construction of which the county has participated or may be called upon to participate.
    • Review of all subdivisions of land within the county and for the approval of those subdivisions affecting county road or drainage facilities.
    • Review of site plans for land development along county roads or affecting county drainage facilities and for the approval of such development.
  • Transportation
    • The Morris County Board of Transportation was created in 1961 by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Their mission is to advise the Freeholders and to work with local, regional, state, and federal agencies to preserve and improve passenger and freight transportation services and facilities in Morris County for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Note: the Mosquito Control Advisory Board has disbanded as of 1/1/16.